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PokerZion - Poker Training

Dominate the game with PokerZion's proven poker training courses

PokerZion was created to fill a huge void in the poker training market by providing a structured learning environment, attention to it's students, and having a goal focused approach to learning. We don't expect you to signup and fumble through trying to find what videos are good, which are created by losing players, or people who have gone bust. We provide high quality training content by top players with a proven track record. That's more than a lot of bigger name training sites can say.

So what will you get when you signup for some real poker training?

  • 20+ lessons instantly e-mailed to you on a specific topic. You'll have video lessons, written content, and quizzes.
  • Access to hundreds of instantly streaming instructional videos any time you want additional lessons or content.
  • A structured learning environment with a walk before you run approach to learning. No more digging around on massive training sites trying to sort of which are the good videos. They are all good videos from winning players sent directly to your inbox.
  • Your questions answered! You have a question about a poker related topic or strategy, you can post it and you'll actually get an answer!
  • A supportive learning environment and great poker community.


PokerZion is the first and only poker coaching and training site of its kind. You will find an all inclusive poker school where you are offered 2 linear training courses pertaining to No-Limit Texas Holdem online games. The Roots Micro Stakes course, and The Iron Lion Small to Mid Stakes Course. Each of our courses is for the duration of 6 months, where you will receive a new lesson each week, covering a specific topic, designed to compliment and build from the former weeks topic. All lessons include a combination of poker training videos, written and audio modules, poker quizzes and articles. In addition to weekly lessons, members also have access to our training content library consisting of over 300 poker videos, modules, custom video trainers and other related articles.

All of PokerZion's content was written by our long term winning poker coaches. We adhere to a very strict guideline for our coaches and content. Unlike other sites, who carry high volume content from often losing players, we have high quality content from proven winners. We post all of the results of our coaches and maintain a high level of professionalism.

PokerZion's Best Poker Training Courses

Iron Lion

The Iron Lion program is PokerZion’s premiere course. It focuses on micro to small stakes transitions and is perfect for anyone looking to advance their poker game to the next level. As the premiere course, Iron Lion subscribers will be sent 20 structured poker lessons to their e-mail inbox upon purchase. They will also gain premiere access to the Iron Lion membership forums where you will have your poker questions answered by Pokerzion mentors. You will also have instant access to over 300+ poker videos, 100+ strategy articles, and video trainers. All of this for only a one time fee of $49.99! No re-occurring fees, no monthly memberships, just instant access to proven courses that thousands have used to improve their no-limit holdem cash games.  COST : $49.99

The Roots

The Roots is PokerZion’s micro stakes course. This is perfect for someone who knows the basics but is looking to work their way up in the poker world. As a member, you will be sent The Roots micro stakes content for each week you are subscribed, as well as given access to PokerZion’s member forums, any time instructional videos, quizzes, and online poker trainers. All of this for only a one time fee of $29.99! No re-occurring fees, no monthly memberships, just instant access to proven courses that thousands have used to improve their no-limit holdem cash games.   COST : $29.99

The Seeds

The Seeds is PokerZion’s free course. This is perfect for someone who is just getting their feet wet in the poker world. As a subscriber, you will have access to common forum areas as well as some free content. COST : FREE