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Innovative Poker Training Solutions

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Ace Poker Solutions is dedicated to developing the most innovative and cutting-edge poker software and poker training material for today’s games. We are committed to creating intuitive and easy to use applications that beginners can quickly understand, and advanced players will benefit from. We believe that all of our software and training content will be an easy +EV (expected value) decision for your poker game.

The Ace Poker Solutions Mission

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About Us

The creators of Ace Poker Solutions are online poker professionals who have been beating the games since early 2004. They have watched the game change and develop into what it is today, and pride themselves on taking part in that development. The CEO of Ace Poker Solutions, John Anhalt has helped pioneer some of the most innovative and creative poker training available on the market, that has permeated through the online poker community and help create the environment in which it exists today.

Over the years, online poker has become increasingly more difficult to make money at. With a surplus of new training material and software available, the players are getting better. That is why it is important for you to stay one step ahead of the competition. The creators of Ace Poker Solutions have identified this and in turn have developed new tools that will keep you ahead of the curve. They themselves use these products to better their game. They are also committed to adapting and improving upon existing material as the games change, to make sure that you are on the cutting edge of game theory.

Our Team

John Anhalt
John AnhaltFounder of Ace Poker Solutions
Brian Anhalt
Brian AnhaltSupport & Marketing
Alexander Danilov
Alexander DanilovLead Developer
Anatoly Ivakin
Anatoly IvakinSenior Developer
Dmirtry Vorzhev
Dmirtry VorzhevSenior Developer
Aleksandar Illoski
Aleksandar IlloskiSenior Developer
Jesse Villavicencio
Jesse VillavicencioSupport
Ed Arguelles
Ed ArguellesTechnical Support
Mary Ortiz
Mary OrtizContent Writer
Dmitry MostovenkoSenior Developer
Janice Alcantara
Janice AlcantaraMarketing Manager
Kashif MahmoodWeb Developer

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