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Have the Poker Stats You Need When You Need It With Leak Buster Poker Analysis Software


Are you an avid online poker player? By now, you have probably heard of the wonders of tools that help you become better at the game. There are poker software especially designed to help analyze poker stats and hands, suggest better strategies and more. One of the best ones to try is Leak Buster. This best seller by Ace Poker Solutions just may be what you need to make better sense of those poker stats and to be clued in on costly leaks you may have unwittingly been making!

The Poker Stats Software to Beat All Others

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Leak Buster is a cash games online poker stats software that simplifies online poker player stats review. With analysis being a key element in online poker success, having a tool that gives you the data summary within minutes is indeed very helpful. Some of the best features of this poker stats online software include:

  • Deep-level analysis. You might be able to do a quick poker stats manual analysis, but pitted against comparative analysis of real winners you will not be getting truly vital information. This cash game poker stats software runs more than 470 filters, complete with stat range analysis.

  • Single click functionality. One click is all it takes to know which leaks are currently present in your game. In addition, this poker stats software automatically ranks info heirarchically based on bankroll impact. It has a unique scoring algorithm that isolates the costliest poker leaks quickly, allowing you to decide on your turn faster using the best strategy.

  • The Magic Behind Leak Buster

    Breaking it down further, the Leak Buster poker stats software analyzer points out your biggest poker leaks based on a number of things: the position used at the table, which 3- or 4-bet pots cause you the biggest leaks, common trouble hands (which also cause some problems for even the most seasoned players), post flop bet sizing, missed value bets that often reoccur, and out-of-balance stat ranges. On an average, about 10 to 24 significant poker leaks are usually found by Leak Buster. It screens for leaks very well, thanks to 52 different kinds of filters. There are also video tutorials included in the pack, coupled with written modules that show you how leaks can be corrected.

    Made for Everyone (Newbies, Pros and Everyone in Between)

    All online poker players who are into cash games will need to know poker player stats, whether you are a newbie, a burgeoning player or on expert level. There will always be data analysis and the need the know the numbers quickly. Suffice to say, Leak Buster is an indispensible tool for all kinds of poker players. It delivers the kind of assistance you need, shaving hours off analysis and bringing database stat results in minutes. After using this, it will definitely be hard to back to your old manual routine or see other software products being equally crucial to your online poker success. The only outcome of using Leak Buster is a better poker experience with more success, and a more critical eye out for careless mistakes you might used to overlook!



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