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Step Up Your Game with the Poker Leak Buster Poker Analysis Software


Some poker players have bad habits such as playing too many hands from the blinds or playing hands too passively. These slight errors that can cause the loss of a game are called leaks. In the technological age of the 21st century, many online gambling communities have emerged, but the game still remains the same. Many poker leaks that are present in the physical game are still evident in the virtual rendition. And so, because of the need to rectify wrongs, John Anhalt, a professional poker player of over 10 years, developed a software named Leak Buster to identify the poker leaks of online players by using a unique scoring algorithm.

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How does the Leak Buster Work?

 The Leak Buster is a poker analysis software designed to identify the different poker leaks of players. The software is able to identify an average of twenty (20) to twenty-five (25) poker leaks per player. The system then arranges these identified errors based on the order of importance, using a scoring algorithm. It can discover a players most costly poker stats and poker leaks by every position at the poker table, and find all these poker leaks within minutes.


After identifying a poker players mistakes, the software will automatically suggest video tutorials that will help rectify each identified problem. The software comes with over fifty (50) videos and filters that will help all types of poker players improve their games by identifying and getting rid of their nasty habits.


Who Does this Poker Analysis Software Benefit?

 Leak Buster benefits players of all skill levels from the fresh beginner to the advanced player. Because the Leak Buster comes with a large amount of instructional videos, people who are just starting to learn the trade of the game will greatly benefit from using the software. Basic instructional videos and videos that identify poker leaks are readily available for the novice to scrutinize. On top of that, all his or her bad poker habits will be identified and ameliorated early on, preventing further loss.


For the intermediate to advanced players, on the other hand, the poker analysis software is able to look into each and every mistake that the player has made. It compares these habits to those of other players and calculates how detrimental a certain mistake is to the overall performance of the player. Many mistakes that have gone unnoticed by the players will be identified, surprising the user and improving his or her game drastically.


Because of the amazing features, and accurate leak identification filters and algorithms present in this poker analysis software, even professional players have taken a liking to this software. Whether the player is a novice, an intermediate practitioner, or an advanced player, the Leak Buster will always teach them something new.



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