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Tilt Breaker

Your Sessions, Perfected.

Tilt Breaker Overview

Do you know what all of the top pro's consider to be the #1 skill that gives them their edge over opponents? No, it's not risk tolerance or the ability to make some sicko move to outplay their opponents; they all cite the ability to manage themselves better than everyone else. That means tilt control, bankroll management, and flat out knowing when it's time to quit.

Tilt Breaker is designed to help you manage yourself on a professional level, plain and simple. We strive to make Tilt Breaker as customizable as possible, allowing you to tailor TB to your exact needs. Tilt Breaker's goal is to cut out as much of your bad volume and bad habits as possible, so that you are minimizing the effect variance has on your winrate. Downswings are inevitable, but how you manage downswings can be the difference between a break even player and a long term winner.


Tilt Breaker Features

  • Set Scheduled Breaks and Critical Stopping Points for your sessions.
  • Determines where tilt and fatigue set in visually presents them for you.
  • App Blocker draws a screen over the entire desktop and only allows you to view approved apps.
  • Smart lock makes sure you can't cheat and run a game when you Tilt Breaker has been activated.
  • Tilt button auto engages all of your Tilt Breaker settings with one click.
  • Block the Cashier.

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