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GTO Flop Strategy Packs

The ultimate tool for learning Game Theory Optimal strategy.

GTO Flop Strategy Packs Overview

GTO Flop Strategy packs use cutting edge mathematics with the use of GTO Range Builder to find game theory optimal strategies for real world poker situations.We don't just analyze GTO strategies computationally, we also teach the fundamentals of game theory and mathematics and help players apply that theory to win more money at the tables.

Each Strategy Pack is chalk full of empirical evidence on why one post flop line is better (higher EV) than another line. No more guessing, no more opinions, no more theory. Just good old fashion math explained by top winning professionals in an easy to digest fashion so that any aspiring poker player can understand it.

Game Theory Optimal (GTO) Strategy Pack Features

  • Fully browsable GTORB flop solutions.
  • Expert video analysis.
  • In depth mathematical notes.
  • Community Discussion / Q&A
  • Completely stand-alone. No GTORB license needed!

GTO Strategy Pack Previews


GTO Sin-n-Go Play
Intermediate player

In this strategy pack Glenn shows how to apply GTO theory to better understand Spin-n-Go postflop situations and shorter stacked GTO play in general. Over 80 mins. of video and 17 GTO Solutions.


GTO Play in 3-bet Pots
Intermediate player

Alex Sutherland discusses the theory of out of position equity realization in 6-max 3-bet pots using both toy games and real world GTORB solutions. Over 75 mins. of video and 21 GTO Solutions.


GTO Flop C-bet Defense

Alex Sutherland examines GTO c-bet defense and shows that the commonly used "1-alpha" minimum defense frequency is -EV compared to GTO c-bet defense. Over 90 mins. of video and 12 GTO Solutions.


OOP C-betting & IP Calling
Intermediate player

 The pack also explores minimally exploitative play, aggregate analysis flatting EVs on every possible flop, and the EV impact of squeeze plays. With 2 hours of video and 30+ flop solutions.


GTO In Position C-Betting
Intermediate player

Alex Sutherland discusses the theory of both GTO and minimally exploitative in position c-betting in single raised pots. With over two hours of video analysis and 30+ GTO and exploitative flop calculations this strategy pack provides an in depth analysis of the theory and fundamentals of c-bet range construction.


GTO Blind vs. Blind
Intermediate player

Alex Sutherland discusses the theory of both GTO and minimally exploitative flop play in Blind vs Blind scenarios with an emphasis on the strategic differences between OOP and IP c-betting. With 25 GTO/Exploitative solutions and over 105 minutes of video analysis.