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Ace Poker Solutions is on a path to produce some of the best free poker content available anywhere. Typically you'd have to pay top dollar to receive content of this quality, but we don't want your money. We are looking for your support, your feedback, and your desire to learn in order to produce the best paid and free software and poker content. Come be a part of a fast growing community of eager poker players of all skill levels and backgrounds.
LIVE Online Workshop Date: Starts October 17th @ 20:00 UTC
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Your Presenters for Polished Poker: Session I Workshop


Jay Rosenkrantz (KRANTZ) - In addition to founding DeucesCracked, Jay is a writer and producer. He's produced a documentary series From Busto to Robusto, the G4 reality television show 2 Months 2 Million, and his most recent documentary Bet Raise Fold. He is the co-creator and screenwriter of The Micros, an animated web series about the struggles of 3 microstakes grinders. He's been a long time moderator of the HSNL forums on 2+2, and a successful high stakes professional poker player. WEBSITE

TOPIC: Applied Game Theory For Leaks w/ Josh "sthief" Plotkin

jay krantz

Jared Tendler - MS, LMHC, is the leading expert in the mental game of poker. He’s coached over 300 players from around the world, including some of poker’s top players. The combination of earning a Masters degree in psychology, being a licensed mental health counselor, and over seven years of experience as a performance coach has given Jared a unique approach to helping players of all skill levels improve and exceed their goals. Jared is host of the popular podcast, The Mental Game. He has been featured in WTP Magazine,, PokerRoad, The Poker Show, 2+2 Pokercast, Sky Poker, and Baller Magazine. Jared has also writes instructional articles for WPT magazine, PokerNews,, and others. WEBSITE

TOPIC: Conquering Tilt

Jared Tendler

Ryan (yourdoom) - Ryan is a former high school math teacher and has been playing poker full time since June 2008. Ryan has a master's degree in secondary math education, and has coached over 100 players. From June 2008 - April 2010, $3/$6 NLH was his main game and he beat that level at exactly 11.52bb/100 (the absolute highest winrate at that level on Pokerstars for any significant volume.) In April 2010 he moved from $3/$6 to $10/$20 as his main game. Ryan beat $10/$20 at 9.72bb/100 and had the #1 highest amount of winnings at that level of any Pokerstars player for 2010 (and #2 in the world among all tracked sites). WEBSITE

TOPIC: Playing Small Pairs


Gordon Gekko - Because of his unconventional style, Gordon and his students became successful  quickly. Ever since Gordon has shaken up the poker community by showing how a broke NL4 player ("Imachampion") - who never has played Heads Up before - can beat NL1k in less than 9 months. On you can read the daily blog of his student(s) to see how you can do it as well. Gordon offers courses for every budget. His courses are not cheap though, but "high quality has its price. You have to be willing to invest in yourself" is what Gordon always says. Besides coaching and helping poker players succeed, Gordon is busy building online businesses and travelling around the world. WEBSITE

TOPIC: 3 Biggest Mistakes of 2013

Gordon gekko

David (omgclaydoll) Yan  - David is a successful mid and high stakes tournament and cash game player. He maintains a high winrate at mid-stakes zoom with a +9bb/100, and has a recent final table appearance in the Aussie Millions for a $220k cash.

TOPIC: Secrets of No-Limit Holdem

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