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(轮到一名球员的行动。的冒险意愿。一种赌博,以及所有的电话投注。) A player's turn to act. A willingness to gamble. A bet, along with all the calls of that bet.
Aggression Factor (AF)
Aggression factor is a ratio of how aggressive versus how passive a player in online poker is being. Aggression factor is calculated (Bet + Raise) / Call. (checking or folding has no More…
big blind
The position required to contribute the largest blind amount in poker, usually located two seats to the left of the dealer.
bluffing range
A range of hands that someone is using to bluff with as opposed to just isolating the bluff to only one hand. EX: A poker player check-raised on the turn with what is most likely a More…
bodog poker
Bodog poker is the asian pacific site for Bovada poker, and Bovada sport betting. You can play online poker and bet on other sports around the world at bodog.
bovada poker
Top online poker site for U.S. based players. Bovada also runs one of the bigger online sports book in the world as well.
bovada poker review
Review about the bovada poker gaming site.
bovada zone poker
A quick player version of poker where once you fold your hand you are moved to another table instantly. There's no waiting for the hand to complete. Additionally, zone poker, which is More…
The player last to act after community cards are dealt.
Fantasy sports
A game where participants use real life players sports statistics to accumulate points in order to win a league, or daily game.
GTO - Game Theory Optimal play is the theory that strives for a Nash Equilibrium of play so that you don't care what your opponent does because their decisions will never yield a long More…
hand range
A distribution of hands that a poker player will have in a given poker situation. Example: AQ+,TT+,JTs
holdem manager
Poker database and HUD that is used to track online poker hands and statistics.
holdem software
Software that focuses on holdem poker.
ISO Raise
When a poker player raises in order to isolate what is typically a weaker poker player. The player isolating is usually also raising with a weaker hand than they'd normally open raise More…
Nut Flush
The best possible flush using 5 total cards. This is usually an Ace high flush, although in reality a straight flush beats what most poker players call the nut flush, and a royal flush More…
online poker
The ability to play poker over the internet.
online poker training
Any poker training that uses an online medium. Typically focuses on online poker games.
poker analysis software
Software that analyzes poker hands histories or poker data from poker databases, and provides feedback and advice on your poker game.
poker books
Any book that it about the game of poker. APS has a top 10 poker book strategy list here: https://www.acepokersolutions.com/poker-blog/top-10-poker-strategy-books/
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