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poker analysis software
Software that analyzes poker hands histories or poker data from poker databases, and provides feedback and advice on your poker game.
poker books
Any book that it about the game of poker. APS has a top 10 poker book strategy list here: https://www.acepokersolutions.com/poker-blog/top-10-poker-strategy-books/
poker coach
Someone who offers advice and teaches a person who to properly play poker and win more money.
poker equity calculator
A poker calculator which allows a person to input different hands, or a range of hands for several players, and then computes the equity share that each player in the hand has if every More…
poker equity chart
A chart that typically shows what the pre-flop equity will be if 5 community cards are dealt versus a random poker hand.
poker quiz
Any test about poker knowledge.
poker software
Software that focuses on poker related topics.
poker stove
Poker Stove is an equity calculator calculator for Texas Hold'em. With poker stove you can see how your hand fares versus an opponents hand or range of hands, and see how much of the More…
poker tools
Applications and programs that help poker players understand the game of poker better.
poker tracking software
poker tracking software is a database application which stores hand histories from online poker sites. It typically allows you to run a HUD (heads up display), with stats of other players More…
poker training
Any form of poker instruction used to help improve a persons poker game.
poker training videos
Videos that focus on poker concepts and strategy. Instructional poker videos.
Poker database and HUD used to track online poker hands and statistics.
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