Man Decides to Quit his Job, Play Online Poker for Money and Travel the World

February 21st, 2017

Dale Philip was living a normal life in Scotland, with a full-time, secure job in IT. But in 2010, Dale decided to start a roller coaster life full of adventure, fun and money. He quit his job and went to Thailand, where he started playing Poker. Dale won over $12,000 in a single month playing Poker. Dale beat some of the famous Poker players in the world, and quickly became famous. He won many high stakes games as well. Dale’s primary goal was to travel the world. He has been touring all over the world, including Australia, Spain, France, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong. Dale used Thailand as his base, where he used to work and accumulate money to carry on his adventures. But recently, several countries across the globe have started taking action against online Poker. This has taken a toll on Dale’s life, and he is now back in Edinburgh, Scotland. Dale says that online Poker has no future. Major crackdowns have resulted in fewer Poker players on the internet. Poker websites are decreasing rewards. It is very difficult to make money through Poker now because Poker websites have less players and most of them are experts. Dale […]

Why This Professional Poker Player Switched to Texas Hold Em from Blackjack and You Should Too

February 9th, 2017

John Navin is an online stock trader and Poker player. He is also mentioned in The Warren Buffetts Next Door: The World’s Greatest Investors You’ve Never Heard Of. Recently, Mr. Navin wrote an article on Forbes explaining why he shifted to Texas Hold Em Poker from Blackjack and how Texas Hold Em offers immense opportunities for beginner Poker players. Navin says that Blackjack doesn’t provide the proper conditions to win. Only the most advanced players can win in Blackjack. He says that blackjacks once paid 3 to 2, but now they pay 6 to 5 most everywhere. Most of the blackjack tables are closely monitored these days, so even if you are excellent at the game, chances of winning regularly in a single session are pretty slim. On the other hand, Texas Hold Em allows you to win more as it has certain patterns which could be learnt easily. But Navin recommends staying away from the high stakes tables in Texas Hold Em.  Navin specifically mentioned James “Split” Sweeney, who introduced him to Texas Hold Em poker. Navin quotes Doyle F. Brunsonin, who, in his classic book “Super System,” says that in Texas Hold Em gives you a chance to […]

How Not to Look Like a Confused Newbie When Playing Poker (6 Tips that Work)

February 8th, 2017

We all know what it feels like when you enter the casino for the first time. You try to look like a pro, but sweaty hands, rocky posture and awkward smile seem to leave you naked in the midst of professional poker players, who always have vibes of rouge-ish outlaws and professional banditos. Here are the best ways for newbie poker players to avoid looking like a newb. Read about Rules of the Game  Nothing attacts professional players more than a newbie knowing all the rules of the game on his first day at the table. There are tons of books on Poker for beginners. If you don’t like to read, just go on YouTube and watch videos and learn about the game which you plan to play. If you are planning to play Texas Hold’Em, here is a great introductory video which you should see. Having the knowledge about Poker and knowing terms will help you a lot. You would not look like a silly newbie at the table. If you read history of Poker, it will give you a lot of stories and interesting things to talk about with professional players. You will end up making some pro friends. Knowledge […]