How to 4-Bet Bluff Successfully – by Doug Polk

January 17th, 2017

  Today’s subject is a challenging one:4-bet bluffing. A lot of players don’t give their 4-bet range enough forethought, instead choosing to 4-bet seemingly random hands on the spot. But 4-bet bluffing with the wrong type of hand can lead to a few problems: Awkward post-flop situations Embarrassing hand histories Marginal hands in big pots (rarely a fun thing to deal with) And of course, all of that means less money and an uglier graph for you. We’ll go over exactly which hands you should 4-bet bluff with shortly, but first, you need to know the frequency at which you will 4-betbluff. How Often Should You 4-Bet Bluff? Your 4-bet bluffing frequency in a given situation depends on your 4-bet value range in that situation. Generally speaking, the wider your 4bet value range is in a spot, the more often you should be 4-betting as a bluff. In some deep stack full-ring situations, you may only want to be 4-bet/getting all-in with AA and KK. In those situations, you shouldn’t try to4-bet bluff very often because you don’t get dealt AA or KK often enough to give those bluffs some credibility. However, if you’re in a spot where you will […]

Best, Most Secure Bitcoin Wallets for Poker Players

January 9th, 2017

Using Bitcoins for poker and gambling is useful because you can save up to 5% to 7% when you make transactions using Bitcoin instead of credit cards and other mainstream payment services. US regulations are making it difficult to pay and receive money to and from off-shore gambling websites. So Bitcoin is a great option. But not all Bitcoin wallets are open gambling transactions.  Everyone would recommend famous bitcoin wallets like Coinbase and Circle because of the fact that they are easy to use and are based in the US. But centralization results in tougher regulations. Your account would have high chances of getting closed if the authorities find out that you funneled your bitcoins to gambling websites. That’s why in this article we will talk about those bitcoin wallets, which are best for gambling and poker.  Bitcoins are prone to hacking attacks. In the past, there have been numerous hack attacks made thousands of people lose money overnight. Most of the targets of hacking attacks are desktop Bitcoin wallets. Poker players should prefer hardware bitcoin wallets and mobile wallets, as breaching a hardware bitcoin facility is almost impossible and mobile devices do not easily give away keys and hashes. […]

Guys Who Dumped Ordinary Lives and Became Millionaires Playing Poker Online

December 7th, 2016

While you were searching ways to start a business or how to get productive at work so you could get a petty raise, some guys were making real money through Poker. Poker is getting insanely popular among the youth around the world. If you are smart, and ready to make an effort to learn the real dynamics of Poker, you can rake in truckloads of money. Here are a few success stories which will motivate you to give Poker a try. Mike McDonald Mike McDonald is the youngest Poker player to win European Poker Tour and Epic Poker League. Mike was just 18 when he won EPT German Open in Germany, taking home a whopping $1.37 million. From that day, Mike never stopped winning and has piled up endless titles and millions of dollars. As of the start of 2015, Mike’s total worth stands at $11 million. Phillip Dennis Ivey Phillip Dennis Ivey Jr. or the “Tiger Woods of Poker” is hands down one of the best Poker players in the world. Having won ten World Series of Poker bracelets and one World Poker Tour title, Ivey’s net worth exceeds $100 million by most of the estimates. Ivey used to work […]