Who Is Celina Lin: China’s Sexiest Poker Player [Her Story and Photos]

October 27th, 2017

In China, it’s not easy for a woman to ditch normal life and start playing Poker. Eastern societies have always seen Poker as a vice; a game for “bad” people. But Celina Lin, the 35-year old Chinese Poker player, defied all the societal norms and convinced her family about her passion. Today, she is looked up to by thousands of aspiring Poker players, especially women, in China. Celina Lin was born in China. She moved to Australia with her parents when she was 9. Celina started college in Australia. One day she went to the famous Crown Casino in Melbourne where she witnessed players playing Poker for the first time in her life.  Lin decided to give Poker a try. She learned Poker and played online for three weeks. She made over $10,000 in the period. She instantly knew that Poker was her thing. A few years later, Lin moved back to Macau. Lin says that her family had no idea what Poker was. She says her parents used to think Poker is just like blackjack and baccarat. Apart from that, gambling is illegal in China. People play Poker for leisure and entertainment, but when Lin started playing Poker in […]

The Truth about Floating Out of position

October 18th, 2017

Floating out of position (OOP) without a made hand, can be a costly endeavor for most players if not done meticulously well. You have to look for very specific conditions, but if know what to look for, and execute correctly in those spots, it can be an extremely profitable tactic to use when defending OOP. Here are some of the most ideal conditions to look for in order to make profitable OOP floats without a made hand: Have a hand that has 1 or 2 overcards that will likely be good if you turn or river them. Have a hand that has good back door equity, like suited connectors – the most ideal is a hand that can turn a straight or flush draw (or both). See a flop that likely didn’t hit your opponents range that you can easily represent. Something like 2c 5s Kh. Check/calling and then eventually bluffing and representing the King can get your opponent to make mistakes and fold better hands sometimes. Have an opponent who is capable of folding some made hands. Most of the time that you should be floating OOP is in single raised pots when you’re defending your big blind (BB), […]

6 Psychological Habits of Highly Successful Poker Players

October 13th, 2017

Famous Poker players get success mainly because of their skills. But their skills are improved and polished due to certain psychological habits that they develop over time. Just like in other aspects of life, the power of habit has its unimaginable consequences in the poker world as well. Here are some excellent habits common in all famous Poker players. Mindfulness and Stoic-Like Calm I know this has become a cliché in the Poker world. Everybody talks about the importance of being calm under pressure. But how do famous Poker players actually do this? I’d suggest reading about Stoics on the internet. Stoics was a group of thinkers in the ancient Greece who are known for their calm and lack of panic even during wars and near death situations. Also, famous Poker players meditate daily. In 2015, Daniel Negreanu wrote an essay on the importance of mindfulness for Poker players. Exude Confidence No matter how weak cards you get, or how nervous you are internally, you have to keep showing your confidence on the table. Body language is everything in Poker. You can show your weakness by depicting a weak body language. You really have to fake it until you make […]