CoinPoker: Advanced Blockchain-Based Poker Software that Transforms Online Poker

February 6th, 2018

Cryptocurrency is the talk of the town these days. The digital currency is the future. It is the mode of sending and receiving payments in a digital format, without any central authority. Cryptocurrencies have been making a foray into the poker world for quite some time. CoinPoker is a new poker website which offers a complete digital currency solution for poker players.  CoinPoker has free apps for smartphone using which poker players can transfer their funds without any hassle. CoinPoker is transparent and offers competitive rates. CoinPoker has published a detailed white paper outlining the feasibility and details of the platform. The paper says that CoinPoker is not just a concept. It has been fully developed and is ready to launch post ICO operations. The paper also said that “millions” have already been invested in the project. CoinPoker’s white paper begins to base its rational on the assumptions that the modern poker system is not transparent, and users are not in control of their money. CoinPoker is solving the problem by allow every poker player to buy and use the designated cryptocurrency (CHP) and be in control of it.  The working dynamics of the platform could be read in the […]

Bitcoin Price Predictions: A Big Crash Coming in 2018?

December 12th, 2017

The Bitcoin roller-coaster is continuing to amaze the world. This week was absolutely terrific for the Bitcoin bulls, as the cryptocurrency surged passed a whopping $19000, before making a correction and going under $15,000. Now it’s currently back up over the $17,000 mark. Bitcoin price will continue to make new records because the currency is getting traction and fame around the world. Despite several warnings from bank and a few investors, Bitcoin is breaking all barriers. The Threat of Bitcoin Futures Perhaps the biggest decisive moment for Bitcoin is on Sunday as two major exchanges, CBOE and CME, are set to initiate Bitcoin futures. Bitcoin options futures will allow traders to buy and sell Bitcoin easily. While this step is a major win for Bitcoin, some analysts warn that Bitcoin price will crash after futures because hedge funds and big banks will be able to short Bitcoin easily. So far, hedge funds have issued warnings regarding the future of Bitcoin. It was not easy to short or bet against Bitcoin. But Bitcoin trading as an option means that hedge funds can spend millions to bet against Bitcoin. This will induce a lot of volatility in the cryptocurrency. Banks are obviously […]

Sexy Poker Hostess and Model Leeann Tweeden Forcibly Kissed By Senator Al Franken

December 6th, 2017

Not a week goes by that we don’t hear a new story of sexual harassment. This time, the allegations come from one of the sexiest Poker stars and models of the US, Leeann Velez Tweeden. The 44-year old model and hostess of the famous Poker show Poker After Dark recently said  in a blog post that she was forcibly kissed and groped by US Senator Alan Stuart Franken, commonly known as Al Franken. Tweeden is the second women to accuse Al Franken of sexual harassment. The incident took place at 2006 USO tour, according to Tweeden. She says that the Senator approached her for a kiss. When denied, he forcibly “stuck his tongue” in Tweeden’s mouth. The Poker host said that she pushed Al Franken away and told him that if he’d do that one more time, she take action against him. The model says that she immediately went to the bathroom to spit the Senator’s “taste” out of her mouth. Tweeden said she felt “violated and disgusted”. Earlier this month, a photo went viral showing Al Franken posing with his hands on the breasts of Tweeden, who was wearing an armed suit and helmet. Here is the photo. The […]