British Poker Queen Emma Fryer Dies in a Car Accident

November 14th, 2017

Emma Fryer, the famous Poker player from the UK, has been killed in a fatal car accident in Czech Republic. She was killed whilst going to the World Series Tournament Czech Republic. The cause of the accident was major fog. According to the authorities, Fryer was using the GPS on her mobile device to navigate her friend, who was driving the car, through the fog. But unfortunately, the GPS didn’t show a big roundabout that was on their way. The car crashed into the concrete roundabout. Fryer’s friend is in the hospital. Emma Fryer’s sister, Liz Carter, said that there was no fault of the driver. It was “just a tragic accident” and had the GPS shown the roundabout, Fryer would have been alive. The 48-year old Poker player had recently left her job to play Poker full-time. She managed to earn the confidence of several backers who had pledged to support her financially after she left the job. Emma Fryer entered the Poker industry when she got a job at Bet365, a UK-based gambling company which has over 19 million customers in almost two hundred countries. Fryer kept working on her Poker skills during her job. After 13 years […]

Pennsylvania Legalizes Online Poker, Fantasy Sports and Lottery: Everything You Need to Know

November 1st, 2017

Pennsylvania has legalized online poker, a big victory for the proponents of online gambling in the US. The legislation is a result of a hard-fought legal battle. Last year, the bill to legalize Poker was put on hold amid lawmakers’ failure to reach an amicable solution. Pennsylvania is the fourth state to legalize online poker. It’s legal to play online poker in Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware. These states are benefiting a lot from the online gambling legalization. It is estimated that New Jersey raked in a whopping $150 million in online casino revenue in 2016. Revenues in Nevada and Delaware are low because of the less population. Pennsylvania being the second largest commercial gambling market in the US has tons of opportunities to benefit from online poker. Last year, gamblers lost a total of $3 billion at the casinos in Pennsylvania. Online gambling is swiftly getting traction in the US. According to an estimate by Technavio, the net worth of online gambling market is expected to surge past $4 billion by 2020 Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf on Monday signed the gambling expansion package that was approved by the Senate and the House earlier in October. Some of the biggest […]

Doug Polk Is Bullish on Bitcoin, Launches a New Cryptocurrency News Website

October 25th, 2017

Doug Polk never stops working on new, exciting projects. Polk is now betting on cryptocurrency. Earlier this month, the winner of $3.7 million WSOP 2017 High Roller for One Drop No Limit Hold’em launched a new cryptocurrency website, Coin Central. The website will cover news, reviews and guides on famous cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Coin Central has a beautiful design. Several articles on Coin Central explain the dynamics of cryptocurrencies in a simple way. The website also provides detailed comparisons of different cryptocurrencies. For example, some latest articles discuss comparisons of Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. The articles also discuss several factors that are important for cryptocurrencies, latest updates and the importance of Blockchain. Coin Central is already getting a lot of traffic. Polk announced the launch of the website in a tweet on October 12. Douglas Polk is a staunch supporter of Bitcoins. He does not believe the speculations of the impending collapse of the cryptocurrency. He invested in Bitcoins when the currency was priced at $100. As of October 18, the price of Bitcoin has crossed $5500. Polk said on Twitter that he was looking forward to take up the challenge of the new website. He also […]