Poker is a Game of Skill Not Chance: The Best Arguments

April 20th, 2018

Is Poker a game of skill or chance has been one of the most divisive questions in the history. Recently, a judge in India ruled that Poker is a game of “pure chance”, reiterating the oft-repeated but baseless claims about the dynamics of Poker. In this article we will establish, with arguments, that Poker is a game of skill. Poker is a Game of Skill Not Chance Online poker rooms magnetize millions of players who try to assess and polish their skills to land in reality. Of course luck plays a part too, there is no doubt but it would be inexplicable to refuse that skills must be involved else why would some player constantly win more than their opponent? A survey from a database of players reveals significant indication of the role of skills for a successful poker game. A survey was conducted from a data of one year. Players that were best-performing for first six months of the year had twice the chance than others to remain best for next 6 months too. On the other hand, players who performed poor from the beginning continued to lose and never reached the best performers. Thus, this proves that in […]

Best Poker Events in 2018 You Can’t Miss

March 27th, 2018

Poker is a constantly evolving industry. If you are a Poker fan, taking part in Poker events is always fruitful. You get to meet different people and see exciting stuff. Below is the list of the biggest poker events and matches to be held in 2018, both physical and online.   DeepStack Extravaganza II The DeepStack Extravaganza is one of the famous Poker tournaments worldwide. The guaranteed prize pool is more than $1,200,000. It is going to be held in The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, Las Vegas, USA during March 26 to April 15. WPTDeepStacks – Thunder Valley It will be held during March 29 to April 9 in Thunder Valley Casino Resort, California, USA. Its guaranteed prize is $500,000. It’s a no limit hold ’em tournament with three starting flights & single re-entry per flight until the start of Level 10. Partypoker MILLIONS Grand Final Barcelona The millions tour final is being held in Casino Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain during April 7 to April 15. The prize pool is a huge €10 million for the main event. It compromises of three stages: satellite, day one and day 2 onwards. It is going to be held both live and physical. DeepStack Extravaganza III […]

CoinPoker: Advanced Blockchain-Based Poker Software that Transforms Online Poker

February 6th, 2018

Cryptocurrency is the talk of the town these days. The digital currency is the future. It is the mode of sending and receiving payments in a digital format, without any central authority. Cryptocurrencies have been making a foray into the poker world for quite some time. CoinPoker is a new poker website which offers a complete digital currency solution for poker players.  CoinPoker has free apps for smartphone using which poker players can transfer their funds without any hassle. CoinPoker is transparent and offers competitive rates. CoinPoker has published a detailed white paper outlining the feasibility and details of the platform. The paper says that CoinPoker is not just a concept. It has been fully developed and is ready to launch post ICO operations. The paper also said that “millions” have already been invested in the project. CoinPoker’s white paper begins to base its rational on the assumptions that the modern poker system is not transparent, and users are not in control of their money. CoinPoker is solving the problem by allow every poker player to buy and use the designated cryptocurrency (CHP) and be in control of it.  The working dynamics of the platform could be read in the […]