New York Senate Committee Passes Bill to Legalize Online Poker

February 16th, 2017

It seems we are on the verge of seeing online Poker going legal in New York. The Senate’s Committee on Racing, Gaming and Wagering has unanimously approved (11-0 votes) the bill to legalize Poker. The bill was tabled by Senator John Bonaciclast month. It is now in front of the Senate Finance Committee. The bill’s premise is simple: it proves that Poker is a game of skill, and involves complexity. Poker players have to use their skills and logic to make their moves during the game. Like any other game, Poker also has winners and losers, and winners are rewarded with money for their skill and logic in this case. Senate Committee Passes Bill to Legalize Poker The bill to legalize Poker in New York specifically suggested two famous forms of Poker:  Omaha Hold’em and Texas Hold’em. The bill seeks permission from the State to allow interstate Poker games so that players can form pools and teams. It also proposes a 15% tax on the over revenue that will be generated by legal Poker. The bill also talks about licensed operators model, according to which players who want to play online poker will get signed up with verified operators. Every operator […]

Bodog Online Poker Is Expanding to 16 New Countries Including Latin America

February 14th, 2017

The Bodog Poker Network, aka Bovada, one of the most well-known online Poker platform, has announced that it will expand its online poker websites in 16 new countries. The online Poker network is owned by Bodog, which is an entertainment brand founded in 1994 by Canadian businessman Calvin Ayre. The company also revealed in its press released that it had sold its network to a Hong Kong-based consortium known as PaiWangLuo. The Bodog Poker network was previously open to Canadian players only. Given the reliability and popularity of Bodog, international Poker players were feeling the need of international availability of Bodog since long. Among the countries where Poker players would be able to play on Bodog website include Spain, Portugal, almost all of Latin and Central America. The Bodog group runs and administers three Poker websites: Bodog, Bodog88, and Ignition Casino. The company sold Bovada, which was the Poker network for US players, to Ignition in 2016. Bodog88 is mostly for the Chinese Poker players, while Ignition Casino serves American gamblers. According to the latest announcement, Bodog’s Bovada Sports and Casino will be available in Mexico, while Bodog Poker, Casino, and Sports will be available in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, […]

High School Math Professor Makes a Stunning Case to Legalize Poker in Senate Committee  

January 26th, 2017

Calls to legalize online poker in the US are getting popular. Several congressmen from states where online gambling is illegal are raising voice and analysts think that Poker could get a legal status in 2017 in many states. A recent news has refreshed the issue of legalizing Poker in the country, according to which a high school math teacher David Shick appeared in front of the Senate committee of the Washington State and admitted to committing the “crime” of playing online poker. Mr. Shick said in front of Washington Senate Commerce, Labor & Sports Committee that he played online Poker between 2003 to 2006, and resumed his online gambling gig in 2009. David Shick was trying to make a point: no one in Washington has ever been arrested for playing online Poker, and yet the deed is illegal in the law. Shick was said according to the state law, he had committed a Class C felony, and he was ready to be arrested. “I realized that the state law was just an absolute joke,” said Shick.   Shick came in front of the Committee well prepared. He gave some handouts to the committee members, showing his winnings from 214,000 hands […]