Molly’s Game Preview [New Poker Movie]

March 8th, 2017

Every so often I’ve had the privilege of poker coaching Hollywood actors, or famous sports athletes. It’s random when these opportunities arise, but they’re always fun and interesting. I got that opportunity once again to work with actor Jeremy Strong on the upcoming Aaron Sorkin poker movie, Molly’s Game. Jeremy has been in a number of great movies, including recently “The Big Short”, “Lincoln”, “Zero Dark Thirty”, and “Selma”, just to name a few. Molly’s Game is an upcoming movie (currently in post production), that is based on the book and true story of Molly Bloom, former Olympic skier turned high stakes poker host to the hollywood elite, the mob, and billionaires. It’s an interesting tail of connections, high stakes poker, the mob, and the FBI. Aaron Sorkin who is best known for writing and producing some amazing TV shows and movies such as, “The West Wing”, “Moneyball”, “The Social Network”, and “A Few Good Men”, will make his directorial debut on Molly’s Game. When I got an e-mail from Jeremy Strong to do some coaching, and help him prep for his new roll as the owner of the Viper Room in Molly’s Game, I was stoked of course. Jeremy […]

8 Style and Fashion Hacks Every Guy Must Know

December 14th, 2016

It doesn’t take a fortune to get sexy and stylish. To step up your game and get in style, all you need is the right sense of dressing, hairstyle and some general style hacks. We are going to mention some style and fashion hacks which every man should know. Get a Hair Gel or Wax A good hair wax or gel is a must to style your hair, no matter what length or look you want to give them. A hair gel keeps the hair style in structure and defined, which is absolutely necessary to get stylish looks these days. Fit Shirt Hack The importance of this cannot be emphasized more. If your clothes do not fit you, you will never stand out and look stylish. For shirts, the size and comfort can only be evaluated when you wear it and sit down on a chair. Wash Jeans with Vinegar Always prefer the original Denim jeans. But never wash it as washing the original wear diminishes the color and texture. The best jeans hack is to wash it with some Vinegar. This will increase the lifespan of the jeans without fading the color. Skinny Ties Fat, corporate-looking ties are outdated. […]

Manly greed

October 7th, 2014

I read an interesting article the other day about a study on greed. Essentially some behavioral researchers in Switzerland looked to study any links between high testosterone levels and greed. They created a game they dubbed “the dictator game”, where they randomly assigned people to either be leaders or followers. Leaders were given a the choice of how to distribute a share of a total sum of money. When leaders had more followers or more ways to distribute the money ratio between themselves and others, they behaved more greedily. Even more interestingly, before they conducted the second part of this study, they asked participants what was a fair distribution of funds of they were a leader or follower. Most of them agreed that a 100/70 split was fair if you were a leader. However, when they were actually put in that position, the people with higher testosterone levels tended to break this accepted norm and create a more unequal distribution split. Now, how does this relate to poker? I’m not going to tell you. 🙂   You care read the article here: